Project Overview

Lighthouse Villa is currently expanding its design to 20 units, with the same services offered below – stay tuned for more developments!

Lighthouse Villa is to provide a home for 11 to 12 seniors in their own private unit furnished with their own possessions. The residents will live independently with the support of volunteers and a “House Coordinator”. The residents will share lunch and dinner daily, plus have a “linen laundry” service once a week. The House Coordinator attends to the daily running of the facility, and the shopping, preparation, and serving of meals. Privacy and independence are preserved in a gentle supportive, domestic family-style atmosphere providing companionship and social activities in a common area. The residents are responsible for their own unit’s housekeeping, personal laundry and their own breakfasts and snacks.



The concept development will consist of 12 fully accessible rental apartments, with 1 two bedroom, 4 one bedroom and den, 6 one bedroom, and 1 studio suite. The facility will be one storey in height and include surface parking stalls for residents.  Each residential unit which will be fully self-sufficient with bathrooms, kitchenettes, bedrooms, living areas and storage.  Amenity space is also be part of the development and will be used for dining, companionship, gatherings, crafts and games. There will be a coin-operated laundry for both the House Coordinator and the residents.  Lighthouse Villa will be located in the Bowser Village, behind Magnolia Court, close to the ocean, shopping, café, walks and transportation.



The target group of residents for the Villa are local seniors who are finding it difficult to maintain their current residence, who are feeling lonely and would benefit from increased socialization opportunities, who neglect to eat nutritious meals on a regular basis, and who would like to stay in their community rather than move to a larger town or city among strangers. The Society is focusing on seniors from the areas surrounding Bowser, including but not limited to Electoral Area H of the RDN and communities to the northwest in the adjacent Area A of the Comox Valley Regional District. Residents from outside these areas may also be considered.