Project Overview

Bowser Seniors Housing Society is currently in the planning process of building Lighthouse Villa, an independent supportive living complex for seniors.

The complex will contain 21 private units furnished with the seniors’ own possessions. Residents will live independently with the support of staff/volunteers and a “House Coordinator” and will share lunch and dinner daily, A “linen laundry” service will be provided once a week. The House Coordinator attends to the daily running of the facility. Privacy and independence are preserved in a gentle supportive atmosphere providing companionship and social activities in the common areas. The residents are responsible for their own unit’s housekeeping, personal laundry and their own breakfasts and snacks.

The concept development will consist of 21 adaptable (three fully accessible) rental apartments of differing sizes. The facility will be one storey in height and include surface parking stalls for residents.  Each residential unit will be fully self-sufficient with bathrooms, kitchenettes, sleeping area, living areas and storage.  Amenity space will be used for dining, companionship, gatherings, crafts and games. There will be a coin-operated laundry on site for the residents.  Lighthouse Villa will be located in the Bowser Village, behind Magnolia Court, close to shopping, café, trails and transportation.


The target group of residents for the Villa are local seniors who are finding it difficult to maintain their current residence, who are feeling lonely and would benefit from increased socialization opportunities, who would appreciate the provision of nutritious meals on a regular basis, and who would like to stay in their community rather than move to a larger town or city among strangers. The Society is focusing on seniors from the areas surrounding Bowser, but will also be offering spaces to residents outside the area.


Here is our status as of February 1, 2018- no funding announcement yet but we are working on being prepared so that when there is funding we are ready to build.


  1. Our Nominal Rent Tenure application was submitted Apr/May 2017 and is still under provincial review (our original 2012 Crown Land application had to be revised)
  2. We signed a fixed contract with Checkwitch Poiron Architect in Dec 2017 and are currently in the Design Development phase of the project
  3. Bowser Village, where our Crown Land is situated, crossed some major hurdles in Dec 2017
  4. The RDN Board approved the area’s OCP, which secures our road access to our building site
  5. The RDN Board approved the function to bring a Waste Management System into the village; costs to BSHS are still to be determined, but sewer has more favourable implications than septic to the project
  6. We are participating in a Hydrology study for the village with the local Development Group early this year
  7. We submitted our rezoning application to the RDN in Dec 2017
  8. We submitted our Occupational Licence to Cut with the Port Alberni Forestry office in Jan 2018
  9. Phase 1 Environmental Impact Assessment and the Geotech Report that are required for the site will be completed in Feb 2018
  10. We submitted a Request for Proposal (through Walter Hoogland) for the Construction Manager on the project, who should be chosen by Mar 2018
  11. Our pro forma work is on going for the project to determine sustainable operational numbers

Our current financial status will get us through the Design Development stage.  While we understand that we are working towards being ‘shovel ready’ in advance of any future eligible funding announcement, we only have limited funds to continue on this path and need to spend them wisely.

The architect, landscape design and engineers touring the Lighthouse Villa site