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Submission for Provincial Funding

In February of this year, the Provincial government announced funding of $355M for affordable housing. Through the new Provincial Investment In Affordable Housing Program (PIAH), individuals with low to moderate income will have access to additional affordable housing options across the province. The funds will be distributed over a five year period:

$50 million in 2016-17
$50 million in 2017-18
$75 million in 2018-19
$90 million in 2019-20
$90 million in 2020-21

The BC Non-Profit Housing Association says the PIAH program is aimed at a wider breadth of British Columbians as a response to the crisis British Columbia is experiencing in affordable housing at all income levels. This announcement will see the development of roughly 2,000 units of housing for families making up to $96,000 annually, and individuals/couples making under $65,000 a year.

We immediately began researching the program and found that we would be eligible to apply through BC Housing. We sent out letters to all levels of politicians – Federal, Provincial, local – letting everyone know of our interest, seeking word on how the program was going to work, and how to begin the process of applying for the funding.

We worked with BC Housing Development Consultant, Walter Hoogland, on an Expression of Interest submission with a deadline of June 15th for the first year’s funding allotment. Upon submission, we were advised that the review of all proposals received would be completed by the end of September. This process should provide us with valuable feedback on our progress to date and the viability of bringing Lighthouse Villa for Seniors into reality. If we don’t succeed this year, we’ll take the information gained and apply next year….and every year of the program thereafter. Persistence is the key!