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Kudos to Carol!

Last month our own Carol Cannon was recognized by the Lighthouse Community Centre for her outstanding community support – and we couldn’t agree more! We’re proud to have you on the board! Check out what they had to say below

  Lighthouse Community Volunteer Recognition
  Carol: A Pillar of Community Support   Carol Cannon is a dedicated member of our community, deeply committed to giving back and making a difference. Growing up in Bowser, she developed a strong connection to the area and its people. Her family played a role in building the local legion, which became a central hub for community events, meals, and gatherings. She left to seek a career but vowed to return upon retirement.  Her passion for the Bowser Seniors Housing Society’s (BSHS) mission came from seeing relatives and their friends outlive their housing and be unable to meet their deserved need and preference to remain in a community they helped build.   With a background in accounting, Carol brings a unique perspective to her volunteer work, having previously worked for the Rick Hansen Foundation. This experience has given her a deep understanding of the charitable side of fundraising and has helped her effectively manage the financial aspects of BSHS, as well as provide insight into governance and regulatory requirements.  She currently serves as Project Chair, navigating their planned 22-unit independent affordable seniors housing facility through the unending bureaucratic maze.   As part of BSHS, Carol is just one of many volunteers who are instrumental in organizing a range of fundraising events that have had a significant impact on their cause and the community. Over the past 11 years, she and the BSHS team have raised an impressive $400,000 for their cause, helping maintain awareness of the senior’s housing needs and providing leverage for government building funds.   Over the years, Carol has seen the positive impact that dedicated volunteers can have on a community. However, she has also noticed a decrease in volunteer ‘willingness’ and a generational gap, as many steadfast volunteers are aging and the changing environment/economic landscape doesn’t seem to cultivate volunteerism, as it used to.  She believes that some form of giving back to your community is essential to ensure that current and future programs and services continue to provide a richness and pride of belonging to the people in our community.   As she looks to the future, Carol is focused on supporting and building on the success attained by countless other local volunteers and ensuring that the community continues to thrive for years to come.  With such a variety of volunteer opportunities in Lighthouse Country, she encourages you to join and gain a fun, rewarding experience in whatever capacity you can!